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Ontario court grants rescission: FFL

Posted on Nov 9 2020

By: Alex Sinenko, Law Works Editor: Ben Hanuka, Law Works In 2619506 Ontario Inc. v 2082100 Ontario Inc., et al, a decision of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on a motion for summary judgment, released on November 6, 2020, the court granted rescission to the plaintiff franchisee under subsection 6(2) of the Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise Disclosure), 2002. The financial statements in the disclosure document were not compliant with the requirements of the Wishart Act and its Regulation.

Franchise Cancellation – Understanding Canadian Franch...

Posted on Oct 20 2020

If a franchisor fails to deliver a disclosure document as required under franchise legislation, a franchisee is entitled to cancel (legally...

The Renovation Clause In Your Franchise Agreement – Un...

Posted on Jun 24 2020

One of the most common franchisee complaints is about the requirement to pay to renovate their location.

The Operating Manual – Understanding Canadian Franchis...

Posted on Jun 24 2020

Most franchise systems depend on operating standards and procedures.

Ontario Court Grants Rescission Because Certificate Was Unsi...

Posted on Jun 8 2020

By: Anthony Pugh, Law Works  Editor: Ben Hanuka, Law Works  In 2483038 Ontario Inc. v. 2082100 Ontario Inc.

Making A Personal Claim Against A Franchisor – Underst...

Posted on Feb 20 2020

Does a franchisee have a right to bring a claim against individual principals of a franchisor?

Compliance with a Non-Compete Covenant – Understanding...

Posted on Jan 15 2020

Franchise agreements often impose non-competition obligations (sometimes referred to as “restrictive covenants”) on a franchisee to restrict him...

Not All is Hunky Dory with College Hunks Moving Trademark

cartoon- 7480 (Looking for Trouble)_7480 (Looking for Trouble)
Posted on Jan 2 2018

By Ben Hanuka* In Hunky Haulers Inc. v.

Ontario Court Reinstates Case But Imposes Security for Costs...

Gavel, scales of justice and law books
Posted on Dec 29 2017

Author: Anthony Pugh, J.D., Law Works P.C.


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