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Franchise Rescissions In Ontario: A Disclosure Document Primer

Posted on Jan 15 2014

As noted by way of an introduction to the critical statutory franchise rescission remedy in Ontario in a Law Works Franchise Justice Blog Post on September 8, 2013, "Terminating a Franchise Agreement: A Primer", if a franchisor fails to deliver a disclosure document as required under Ontario’s Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise Disclosure), 2000 and its Regulation, General Ontario Regulation 581/00, a franchisee is entitled to cancel (legally “rescind”) the entire purchase of the franchised business from the start of the transaction,...

Discipline Of Mutual Fund Dealer Based On Franchise Breach

Discipline Of Mutual Fund Dealer Based On Franchise Breach
Posted on Dec 16 2013

In Re Maynes, 2013 CanLII 62252 (CA MFDAC), a disciplinary hearing by the Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada (“MFDA”), released on...

Franchisor’s Options In Reselling A Distressed Franchised ...

Reselling A Distressed Franchised Business
Posted on Nov 20 2013

When a franchisees is in financial distress and looks to either close shop or otherwise get out of the franchised business, a franchisor often...

Punitive Damages Must Be Assessed Based On Compensatory Awar...

Punitive Damages Must Be Assessed Based On Compensatory Awards
Posted on Nov 8 2013

In a split decision released on November 5, 2013, a majority of the Court of Appeal for Ontario ruled in Pate Estate v.

Supreme Court Favours Enforcing Commercial Non-Compete Coven...

Enforcing Commercial Non-Compete Covenants
Posted on Oct 18 2013

Intro  Non-compete agreements or covenants, and more broadly restrictive covenants, are frequently used in the business context to restrict one...

Terminating A Franchise: Practical Issues For Franchisors (P...

Practical Issues For Franchisors (Part I)
Posted on Sep 16 2013

The post termination covenants in the franchise agreement are key factors in a franchisor’s overall termination analysis.

Terminating A Franchise Agreement: A Primer

Terminating a Franchise Agreement: A Primer
Posted on Sep 8 2013

Terminating a franchise agreement, or getting out of the franchise relationship, is a legal result that franchisees and franchisors often seek.

Franchisees Closing Down: Problems With Getting Help

Franchisees Closing Down: Problems With Getting Help
Posted on Jul 28 2013

Well-known brands in the Canadian food and related retail industry are common these days; practically the norm.

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