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When Does The Franchise Two-Year Rescission Period Start From?

Posted on Nov 12 2019

This article, written by Ben Hanuka, was originally published in The Lawyer’s Daily on September 20, 2019, under the title, “Start your engines: Franchise two-year rescission period”. Author: Ben Hanuka, Law Works This article will outline some of the factors for consideration about whether the statutory two-year limitation period in provincial franchise legislation to deliver a notice of rescission starts to run from the main franchise agreement or from any related agreement that is signed later, such as a sublease.

Seven Tips for Negotiating an Area Development Agreement

Posted on Jun 25 2019

Authors: Ben Hanuka and Anthony Pugh, Law Works P.C.

Quebec Court Finds Competing Cafeteria Is Not a “Specialit...

Quebec Court Finds Café Vasanti Cafeteria Is Not a Second Cup “Speciality Coffee Shop”
Posted on Nov 8 2018

Author: Robert Jones, Law Works P.C. Editor: Ben Hanuka, Law Works P.C. In Second Cup Ltd. c. 8702934 Canada Inc.

The Raibex Decision and the Definition of ‘Material Fa...

Scales of Justice, Law book and Judge Gavel on a black wooden background.
Posted on Feb 28 2018

This article, written by Ben Hanuka, was originally published by The Lawyer’s Daily February 8, 2018. Click here to view the published article.

Ontario Court of Appeal Clarifies What Amounts to “No Disc...

Andertoons Cartoon
Posted on Jan 29 2018

By Ben Hanuka  This article, written by Ben Hanuka, was originally published by The Lawyer’s Daily on January 31, 2018.

Court Boosts Arbitral Agreements

arbitral agreements law case
Posted on Mar 31 2017

This article, written by Ben Hanuka, originally appears in the March 31, 2017, issue of The Lawyers Weekly. Click here to view the full article.

Franchisee Cannot Escape Paying Additional Rent Under Sublea...

franchisee cannot escape paying extra rest at court
Posted on Mar 27 2017

Author: Gleb Matushansky, Student-at-Law, Law Works P.C.           Editorial Committee: Law Works P.C.

Court grants rescission where no site-specific disclosure

Answering all your inquiries for franchise law
Posted on Oct 24 2016

  In the decision of Raibex Canada Ltd. v ASWR Franchising Corp.

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