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Franchise Misrepresentation Section Won’t Stay Dormant for Long

Posted on Dec 29 2017

By Ben Hanuka This article, written by Ben Hanuka, was originally published by The Lawyer’s Daily on December 6, 2017. Click here to view the published article. Franchise jurisprudence in Ontario is steadily leaving its infancy years behind.  Yet, most cases about pre-sale disclosure are based on one, albeit vital, statutory cause of action – rescission.

Alberta Court Of Queen’s Bench Re-affirms The Need For Ful...

full disclosure is reaffirmed by the alberta court, law works
Posted on Feb 1 2017

Author: Gleb Matsuhansky, Student-at-Law, Law Works P.C. Editorial Committee: Law Works P.C.

Damages Actions For Misrepresentation And Failure To Comply ...

Damages Actions For Misrepresentation
Posted on Feb 8 2016

Other than rescission, Ontario and the four other Canadian provincial franchise statutes (Alberta, PEI, New Brunswick and Manitoba) provide for...

Defences To Statutory Misrepresentation Claims ‎

Statutory Misrepresentation Claims
Posted on Nov 12 2014

A claim under section 7 of the Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise Disclosure), 2000, seeks damages for either (a) misrepresentation by a franchisor of...

A Comparison Of Franchise Rescission And Misrepresentation C...

Franchise Rescission And Misrepresentation Claims
Posted on Oct 4 2014

There are significant differences between a claim for rescission and a claim for misrepresentation under the Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise...

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