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British Columbia case involving Blenz Coffee allows pleadings amendments

Posted on Nov 13 2019

Author: Anthony Pugh, Law Works  Editor: Ben Hanuka, Law Works In Taylor v. Blenz The Canadian Coffee, a June 7, 2019, decision of the Supreme Court of British Columbia, the court held that the proposed amendments to the pleadings of the franchisees were not statute barred under British Columbia’s Limitation Act because the factual foundation of the proposed amendments were based on existing factual allegations in the pleadings.  Three franchisees sued Blenz Canada and its affiliates for alleged breach of the franchise agreements.

Franchise Disclosure And The Right To Future Exemptions

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By Ben Hanuka This article, written by Ben Hanuka, was originally published by The Lawyer’s Daily on August 9, 2018.

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Franchisee Summary Judgement Motion
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small claims court cases
Posted on Apr 3 2018

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