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Extensive litigation counsel experience in all
types of commercial disputes

Disputes in the corporate and commercial arena sometimes
arise between shareholders, in the sale of a business, over non-
competition covenants, and between debtors and creditors,
among many other areas.

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How Law Works Can Help You in Corporate/Commercial Disputes

We have deep and wide-ranging experience representing parties in corporate and commercial disputes in litigation and arbitration, including trials, mediation, and appeals.
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Alternative Dispute Resolution
for Commercial Disputes

Using alternatives to court, including arbitration and mediation, to resolve commercial disputes can result in faster, less costly
dispute resolution. A sample of corporate and commercial cases that we have successfully resolved outside of court include:

  • Minority shareholders corporate oppression allegations.
  • Claims about the enforceability of non-competition and non-solicitation restrictions in a purchase and sale agreement.
  • Remedies for breach of loan and other financing arrangements.
  • Disputes about directors’ obligations and share conversion agreements.
  • Allegations of directors’ conflicts of interests and breach of fiduciary obligations.
  • Claims of breach of contract in supplier relationships.
  • Renovation and construction claims.

Law Works
Commercial Dispute Cases

Here is a sample of commercial court decisions where we acted as counsel:

Commercial Insolvency Dispute with the Trustee and Former Partner Relating to a Large Real Estate Joint Venture

Farber v. Goldfinger

Case Synopsis

Ben Hanuka acted as co-counsel in a complicated insolvency proceeding on the Commercial List and Bankruptcy divisions of the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. The case involved a complex dispute between the partners of a joint venture of numerous real estate holdings and the insolvency trustee.

Insurance Non-renewal and Alleged Bad Faith Against Insurer

2259084 v. Travelers Insurance Company of Canada

Case Synopsis

We represented two rental car operators in a complex insurance dispute involving an injunction application against the insurer, insurance brokerage and former franchisor, as a result of the insurer’s decision not to renew the operators’ fleet rental insurance policies. The case involved extensive evidence about alleged discrimination and bad faith conduct by the insurer and its alleged collusion with the franchisor against the rental car operators.

Dispute about whether Ontario or Alberta Law Applied to the Contract

Benefact Consulting Group Inc. v. Endura Manufacturing Company Ltd.

Case Synopsis

We represented an Alberta manufacturer in a dispute in the Ontario Superior Court brought by a tax consulting firm about fees arising out of Scientific Research and Experimental Development (“SR&ED”) investment tax credits applications. The court dispute revolved around whether Ontario or Alberta law applied to the dispute.

Shareholder’s Dispute and Oppression Remedy

Temkin v. International Fish Co. Ltd.

Case Synopsis

Ben Hanuka represented the minority shareholder in a case against the company and the controlling shareholder alleging oppressive conduct and misuse of the majority shareholder’s control of the company.