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Ben’s Article, “The Irony of Seeking Justice for a Client”, Receives Consi...

Posted on Sep 16 2013

Here are just some of the comments that members of the legal profession from different parts of the world wrote about the article in various LinkedIn groups: An important aspect of understanding a case is to fully appreciate the validity of the arguments of the opposing side…. If one can illustrate one's perspective convincingly then there is an increased likelihood that the opposing side will recognize this.

Letter to the President from Ben Hanuka about proposed Syrian strike

Posted on Sep 6 2013

Ben Hanuka wrote a well-received blog article on Huffington Post in the form of a letter address to U.S. President Obama about the proposed Syrian strike. In his letter, Ben urges the President to bring a thoughtful, contemplative, approach to bring the conflict to an end, rather than escalate the conflict. For the full article on The Huffington Post, Click here. For a summary of the article on Advocates Daily, Click here.

New legal tech column post in Canadian Lawyer magazine about Google searching

Posted on Aug 30 2013

Click here to read Ben's August 2013 article in his monthly legal tech column in the Canadian Lawyer Magazine, titled "What I learned to get what I really need from Google": For the full text of the article in Canadian Lawyer/Law Times, Click here. For a summary of the article in Advocates Daily, Click here. For a summary in the Canadian legal research blog, Best Guide to Canadian Legal Research, Click here.

Law Times Quotes Ben on the Future of Litigation

Posted on Aug 30 2013

The Law Times quoted Ben about a new survey that says the driving forces behind future law firm growth will be litigation and corporate law. Ben was quoted as saying that the report missed the mark by not identifying specialization, such as franchise law and franchise lawyers, as the most important factor. See the full article in Law Times, Click here. For a summary of the article in Advocates Daily, Click here.