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Rescission Claims And Damages

Posted on May 24 2016

Rescission under Ontario’s Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise Disclosure), 2000, and comparable franchise disclosure legislation in other provinces, is a dramatic remedy. It entitles a franchisee to compensation of all his or her investment in the franchised business. This includes the purchase price of the franchised business, the cost of setting it up, the cost of inventory and supplies, all royalties and franchise payments paid to the franchisor, and all losses that the franchisee incurred in the operation of the franchised business.

Getting Out Of A Franchise Agreement: Termination And Damage...

Getting Out Of A Franchise Agreement
Posted on May 3 2016

The legal characteristics of a franchise agreement are different from normal commercial contracts in that they are “contracts of adhesion”.

Damages Actions For Misrepresentation And Failure To Comply ...

Damages Actions For Misrepresentation
Posted on Feb 8 2016

Other than rescission, Ontario and the four other Canadian provincial franchise statutes (Alberta, PEI, New Brunswick and Manitoba) provide for...

Not All Complaints By Franchisees Are Legitimate

Not All Complaints By Franchisees Are Legitimate
Posted on May 9 2014

Identifying ‘material facts’ is important to franchisors and franchisees because all material facts are required under the Arthur Wishart Act...

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