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Material Facts, Material Changes And Franchisor’s Associates: A Disclosure...

Posted on Jan 15 2014

A franchisor doing business in Ontario is required to deliver to a prospective franchisee a fully compliant Disclosure Document under the provisions of the Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise Disclosure), 2000 and its Regulation. An Ontario Disclosure Document must contain the information and documents as set in this “Disclosure Document Primer” series. Material Facts The Disclosure Document must contain all “material facts”, and where necessary, be accompanied by statements of material change.

Franchise Rescissions In Ontario: A Disclosure Document Prim...

Franchise Rescissions In Ontario: A Disclosure Document Primer
Posted on Jan 15 2014

As noted by way of an introduction to the critical statutory franchise rescission remedy in Ontario in a Law Works Franchise Justice Blog Post on...

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