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Franchisor Cannot Enforce Restrictive Covenant In A Territory Where It Does Not ...

Posted on Apr 11 2016

The Ontario Court of Appeal released an interesting decision recently in a case involving the enforceability of a non-competition covenant in a franchise dispute involving the MEDIchair franchise system.  The court reversed the decision of a Superior Court of Justice application judge (who ruled in the franchisor’s favour) and found that the restrictive covenant in the franchise agreement was unenforceable in Peterborough.

Ontario Court Finds Homecare Franchisees In Contempt Of Inju...

Homecare Franchisees In Contempt Of Injunction Order
Posted on Jan 5 2016

Procedural Background In the case of 244674 Ontario Inc. v. Home Instead, Inc.

Appellate Court Upholds Employment Non-Competition Clause

Employment Non-Competition Clause
Posted on Sep 8 2015

In the 2014 split decision of the British Columbia Court of Appeal in Rhebergen v. Creston Veterinary Clinic Ltd.

The Devil Is In The Details: A Tale Of Dirty Martinis

A Tale Of Dirty Martinis
Posted on Jun 1 2014

In the recent decision of Devil's Martini, Inc. v. 1713703 Ontario Inc.

Supreme Court Favours Enforcing Commercial Non-Compete Coven...

Enforcing Commercial Non-Compete Covenants
Posted on Oct 18 2013

Intro  Non-compete agreements or covenants, and more broadly restrictive covenants, are frequently used in the business context to restrict one...

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