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Scandalous allegations of former Shoppers Drug Mart franchisee struck out: BC Co...

Posted on Oct 21 2021

By: Anthony Pugh Editor: Ben Hanuka In Shoppers Drug Mart Inc. v. Mang, a May 14, 2021, decision of the Supreme Court of British Columbia, the court struck a few paragraphs from the defence (Response to Civil Claim) of the self-represented defendants, who were former Shoppers Drug Mart franchisees in Vancouver and Powell River.  Some of the paragraphs that the court struck contained scandalous allegations, such as allegations of gossip, bullying, and evidence about irrelevant facts; other allegations did not advance the defence.

Punitive Damages Must Be Assessed Based On Compensatory Awar...

Punitive Damages Must Be Assessed Based On Compensatory Awards
Posted on Nov 8 2013

In a split decision released on November 5, 2013, a majority of the Court of Appeal for Ontario ruled in Pate Estate v.


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